Frequent speaker and thought leader

Frequent speaker and thought leader

Frequent speaker at international conferences including at Global Peter Drucker Forum, St. Gallen Symposium, Con:Sozial, Forum Alpbach, TEDxSalzburg, and events of Ashoka and Ashoka’s corporate and civil society partners. Has appeared numerous times in national, and international newspapers, magazines, TV debates, and radio interviews, has written pieces in Wired magazine, Der Spiegel, Der Standard, Die Presse, and others, and contributed to books on rethinking politics and social change. Initiated dozens of conferences, projects and events around the topics of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, civil society, grass-roots citizen engagement, media policy, privacy, and digital rights, most recently Ashoka’s European Changemaker Summit with 450+ Social Entrepreneurs, high-level partners and members of the network and Ashoka’s Changemakers United Online Summit bringing together 2500+ changemakers globally to co-create solutions in the face of COVID-19.

Ashoka’s Changemakers United Online Summit 2020

“Together we are stronger and can show the power of systems changing solutions to address the covid-19 emergency.”

Ashoka European Changemakers Summit 2019

“There are people who can, who WE ALLOW TO CONTRIBUTE, who have the skills and access to be a changemaker, and SOME WHO DON’T and the gap between those who contribute and those who cannot is widening.

We call this the new inequality; where some have the will and power to contribute and others don’t. As a leader of our work across Europe, I understood that we need to fix this by building a EUROPE FOR ALL.” 


“soziale innovationen in unternehmen. GESUCHTE TALENTE UND neues führen”

Hochschule St. Gallen

Ein Videointerview im Rahmen des 49. St.Gallen Symposiums.